Proposition bets, focus on the more exotic aspects of a game that are widely televised. Proposition bets are popular when it comes to wagering on the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. For example: which team will win the coin toss or what player will score the first touchdown of theRead More →

Sports gambling doesn’t just start and end here. Betting sides and totals are the most common of wagers but many sportsbooks offer future bets on big upcoming games like who will win the Super Bowl the next year and who will win a Grammy this year. The main advantage ofRead More →

An Over/Under total is another bet across all major team sports such as basketball, baseball and football which involves wagering on the amount of scoring in a game. Example: If the Over/Under total on a Game was 48 – this means a bettor could wager whether there would be moreRead More →

The most popular of sports to place bets on are NFL and college football games along with NBA and NCAA basketball games. Within these sports, there are multiple betting opportunities that begin with the basic wager on a games outcome (also terming betting the side). Point spreads are used inRead More →